NANA Regional Corporation Aircraft Servicer in Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Aircraft Servicer


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The primary purpose of this position is to perform aircraft processing work concerned with the arrival, parking, servicing, inspecting and departure services of rotary, fixed-wing and jet engine aircraft.

1.Guide incoming aircraft by operating radio equipped “Follow Me” vehicle (1/2 ton trucks) giving and responding to standard hand or flashlight signals.Checks landing gear struts, air or hydraulic fluid if requested.Retrieves or removes and replaces drag chutes.Annotates aircraft forms to record servicing actions.Operates Aerospace Ground Equipment to include, but not limit to, gas turbine compressor MA1A, generator MD3, high pressure air compressor MC1A,low pressure air compressor MC2A, light cart NF2, light cart TF1, generator set A/M 3.2A-86.Operates de-icing vehicles with de-icing apparatus and elevating platform, fire extinguishers, aircrafttow bars, work stands, etc.Mans fire extinguishers for engine starts and shut down operations.Operates truck-mounted stairs and stair assembly and hydraulically controlled elevating stairs.Performs protective measures on parked aircraft such as installing engine and armament covers when requested; control surface and gear locks, wheel chocks, ground wires and tie-downs when requested.Assists crew or other qualified personnel in minor maintenance tasks or inspections such as removing and replacing aircraft access panels, parts and accessories which are readily accessible.Maintains small items ofequipment used in servicing aircraft, paints wheel chocks, repairs ground wires, tie-down ropes, ladders, chains, etc.

2.Performs visual inspections on aircraft before and after light to detect safety of flight discrepancies.Inspections may be accomplished using Aircraft Inspection Work Cards and Checklists if available.

3.Operates equipment and performs other tasks to maintain runways, taxiways and parking areas.Operates a vacuum runway sweeping machine of 5-ton capacity to clear runways, taxiways, ramps, pads and other similar paved areas.Operates sweeper to remove such foreign objects as rocks and metal which might be detrimental to the safe operation of aircraft.Exercises extreme caution when entering or operating on runways, taxiways and ramp to avoid danger to self and aircraft operating or parked in the vicinity.Operates two-way radio to communicate with Transient Alert control and Campbell Ground controllers.Performs operator maintenance on equipment and completes operating reports.

4.Performs driver’s maintenance on assigned vehicles.Keeps vehicles in clean and serviceable condition.Maintains operator log books and other records.Observes safety and fire prevention regulations.When requested tours taxiways at intervals to assure they are free of foreign objects and obstructions, inspects for damage to pavement areas, and assures that runway and taxi lights are operational.Reports findings to PM/APM.Drives “Follow Me” vehicles to escort aircraft/equipment when operating in aircraft movement and non-movement areas.

5.Inspects all aircraft operating areas movement and non-movement at least once every eight hours. Inspects the following items at a minimum, plus reports deficiencies to the CAAF Dispatch Section and annotates on the airfield inspection checklist. Pavement deterioration, airfield lighting operating properly. Equipment located in proper position. FOD to be removed and areas swept as needed.

6.Drives vehicles (up to 1 ton) to transport passengers, crews and equipment to and from aircraft parking areas and Campbell operations building.Drives vehicles to pick up and to turn in for repairs.Assists passengers and crew in loading and unloading baggage.

7.Polices Transient Alert area of responsibility.Keep grass cut, trucks and equipment clean and work areas indoors and out clean, neat and orderly.

8.Prepare disabled aircraft for towing by attaching the appropriate tow bar based on aircraft size, weight, vehicle towing capability, and tows aircraft to appropriate parking area where maintenance can be performed not to interfere with daily arrival and departing aircraft.

9.Performs minor airfield maintenance service (change light bulbs on the runway, fill cracks, check and paint grounding points, etc.) and input/monitor airfield work orders.

10.Must be capable and willing to cross-train and serve in other contract functions to enhance company proficiency and individual advancement.


  • Must be able to use technical publications on the servicing and inspection requirements for various types of aircraft.

  • Required to have thorough knowledge of the system which requires servicing and the characteristics and use of various oils, lubricants, hydraulic compounds, de-icing fluids, and air to service various systems.

  • Must have knowledge and skill to operate electrical power units, air starting units, compressors, light carts, R-11 Runway deicer, aircraft towing vehicles, various runway sweepers, stairway trucks, multiple aircraft de-icing platforms and vehicles ¼ to 1 ton “Follow Me” truck included.

  • Must know techniques of guiding taxiing aircraft and have knowledge of aircraft operation to the degree necessary to guide pilot in executing maneuvers to avoid damage to aircraft being parked or others in area.

  • Must possess or obtain a government vehicle and equipment operators license to operate vehicles and equipment used to maneuver or service aircraft and transport crew members.

Sweeper Operations and other Maintenance Tasks:

  • Must know the use of the controls for operating the equipment and have good hand/foot/eye coordination to use the various controls simultaneously.

  • Must know the procedure for communication with Campbell Ground controllers and Transient Alert control personnel by radio to avoid interrupting or jamming communication already in progress.

  • Must have skills to operate push mower, riding mower, and hand held trimming device.

De-icing Vehicles:

  • Requires sufficient knowledge of the operational characteristics of the equipment to perform operational inspections, mixing de-icing solutions, operation of vehicle, elevating bucket and spray nozzles, and where to spray on the aircraft for efficient results without danger to equipment and/or personnel.


  • Works under the general supervision of PM/APM who makes assignments orally or through written instructions.

  • Completed work is checked to ensure it meets requirements.Sweeper operation area and time for accomplishing work are established through written or oral instructions, with work being reviewed by observation of work in progress and check of equipment utilization records.

  • Must exercise extreme caution when entering or operating equipment on runways, taxiways, and ramps to avoid danger to self, operating equipment or parked aircraft.Aircraft servicing workload is generated by the number and frequency of aircraft work on own initiative or as requested by pilots and crew members.Work

Is reviewed for compliance with established requirements.

Physical demands:Works in tiring and uncomfortable positions, being required to climb, stand, stoop, bend, stretch, work from stands where parts are in hard-to-reach places, work on elevated platform (bucket) not to exceed 125 feet to operate de-icing equipment and lift parts and equipment weighing 20 pounds and occasionally up to 100 pounds.Moderate physical efforts are required in operating vehicle and other types of equipment.

Working Conditions:Works outside the majority of the time, and may be exposed to inclement weather.Liquids such as oil, hydraulic fluid, and de-icing fluids may irritate the skin.Works during night hours and exposed to noise levels requiring use of hearing protection equipment.

Education:High school graduate or equivalent flight line experience required.Formal technical schooling in rotary, fixed-wing or jet aircraft handling desired.

Experience:Minimum of two years flight line, ground handling rotary fixed-wing or jet aircraft experience desired.

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Job: Transportation, Logistics & Cargo Handlers

Primary Location: US-KY-Fort Campbell

Shift: Variable

Req ID: AGS00681