NANA Regional Corporation Facility Technician Assistant - Anchorage, AK. in Anchorage, Alaska

Facility Technician Assistant - Anchorage, AK.


About NMS

Built on a culture of safety and integrity, NMSdelivers award-winning, integrated support services to a variety of clients in food service, facilities management, camp services,security and hotel management in Alaska and the continental U.S. We are proudto serve not only our original oilfield clients, but also clients from federal,state and local governments, corporate facilities, healthcare institutions,schools and universities, manufacturing centers, and the transportation andtelecommunications industry. Our clients have peace of mind knowing weare committed to delivering best-in-class service, and we bring creativity,technology and experience to every project. Our mission is to providemanagement and support services at a level of quality, value, safety andexpertise beyond our clients’ expectations. At NMS, we expect our employees tofulfill that mission in every aspect of their work.


The Facility Technician Assistant providesgeneral office support for Alyeska’s Centerpoint West office, the AnchorageRecords Warehouse, the Operations Control Center (OCC) and limited service atthe Alternate Operations Control Center (AOCC) in Palmer.All duties are to beperformed in accordance with NMS’ mission, vision, and values as well ashousekeeping policies, practices, and procedures.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Operates ina climate of confidentiality requiring professionalism and discretion.

  • Guaranteeall services provided to the Client and customers are high quality at alltimes.

  • Regular useof personal vehicle to complete job assignments (mileage reimbursed).

  • Cleans,sweeps, vacuums, mops or restocks hallways, stairways, offices, foodpreparation or break areas, kitchen areas and equipment, living areas, workareas, laundry rooms, off-site areas, common areas, restrooms public areas orother similar areas.

  • Quickresponse to spills in any area requested, to prevent slips, trips and falls.

  • Dustsboth low and high areas weekly, and wipe down or cleans various surfaces.

  • Sweeps,mops, scrubs, strips, extract, waxes, buffs, vacuums, etc. all types of floors.

  • Usesappropriate equipment and cleaning solutions for all tasks.

  • Removesand properly disposes of discarded materials in breakrooms, conference roomsand as requested.

  • Removesand transports trash to the appropriate disposal areas

  • Cleaningand maintaining the restroom at the Records Storage Warehouse (RSW)

  • Sortand deliver packages and mail and ensure they are completed in a timely mannerdaily.

  • Ensurethat all copiers and printers have paper and associated supplies as requireddaily.

  • Mayoperate a vehicle to work at offsite locations. May periodically perform avariety of special duties such as periodically scheduled cleaning tasks.

  • Maychange light bulbs and perform light facility maintenance.

  • Provideassistance to the Anchorage Records Warehouse, OCC and AOCC as requested.

  • Operateman lift to retrieve documents and records

  • Ensure thatall facilities are clean and in good mechanical order. Inspect and insurethat all break rooms are stocked and cleaned.

  • Overseemail and all package deliveries and insure they are completed in a timelymanner. Insure that all copiers and printers have paper and associatedsupplies as required.

  • Perform alltasks in a safe manner at all times.

  • Operate avariety of office equipment; observe proper procedures to handle records orother materials. Provide assistance to the Anchorage Records Warehouse,OCC and AOCC as requested.

  • Arrangeoffice space, office furnishing, equipment, desks, partitions, etc. Makemodifications to cubical units as needed. Maintain safety requirementsfor cubicle construction and observe ergonomic practices and procedures.

  • Performlight maintenance related repairs and tasks when requested.

  • Identifies, resolves, and/orappropriately reports site’s safety hazards and any potential safety hazards.

  • Notify supervisor if safety andsanitation standards are not being met.

  • This position is not responsible for thesupervision of staff.

  • Other duties that are pertinent to thedepartment or unit’s success also may be assigned.


Minimum Requirements

  • Must have a High SchoolDiploma or GED equivalent.

  • At least one (1) year ofdirectly related experience that demonstrates a general working knowledge ofcommercial cleaning and commercial cleaning processes.

  • At least one (1) yearexperience in heavy industrial cleaning of floors, carpets, extracting,etc.

  • A valid driver’s license andan acceptable driving record for the past three (3) years to be eligible underNMS’ vehicle insurance policy.

  • Must pass all pre-employment contract requirements which may include but are not limited to: background check, hair follicle drug test, physical and fit for duty assessment and hearing test.

  • Must be able to cooperate and work as part of a team with fellow employees, customers and clients.

  • Must be able to make decisions in the moment with little to no supervision.

  • Must be able to be on your feet for 10-12 hours per shift.

  • Contract requires employees to speak, understand, read and write English.

  • Must meet and adhere to all safety guidelines and regulations set forth by the company and client

Working Conditions and Physical Requirements

Weather:Indoor/Outdoor. Frequently exposed toarctic conditions.

Noiselevel: Moderate to Loud

Descriptionof environment: Employees must constantly be able to stand, sit, walk, climb,push, pull use hands and arms, stoop, kneel and crouch. Employees are occasionally exposed to fumesor airborne particles and may be exposed to toxic or caustic chemicals.

Physicalrequirements: Fit For Duty Test

  • Lift: Lift 48 lbs. from floor to knuckle x2

  • Lift: Lift 48 lbs. from floor to waist x 2

  • Lift: Lift 38 lbs. from floor to shoulders x 2

  • Carry: Carry 38 lbs. with two hands for a minimumdistance of 30 feet x 2, self-paced.

  • Allow a 60 second restperiod between carry tests.

  • Push: push horizontally with a peak force of 50f-lbs. with two hands

  • Pull: pull horizontally with a peak force of 75f-lbs. with two hands.

  • Stoop & Twist: Perform alternate cross over toe touches x 5each side, self-paced but continuous.

  • Squat Test: Functionally squat x 5, self-paced butcontinuous.

  • Kneel: Kneel on one knee and stand. Return to kneel on opposite knee. Repeat alternate kneeling sequence x 5 foreach knee, self-pace but continuous.

  • Stairs: Climb up and down 12 steps x 15 for a totalof 180 steps using one hand to grasp a railing for safety:

  • Allow 30 second rest afterclimbing up and down each set of 50 steps, self-paced.

  • Stairs & Carry: Climb up and down 10 steps x 5 for a total of50 steps while carrying 38 lbs. in one hand and using the other hand to grasp arailing for safety, self-paced.

  • Allow a 60 second restperiod after climbing up and down 25 steps while carrying.

  • Slanted Ladder: Climb a slanted ladder with 2 rungs x 2repetitions for a total of 4 rungs, self-paced but continuous.

  • All tests must be performedwithin a safe target heart rate as determined by the contract requirements.


NMSCore Values

Safetyguides our behavior.

Honestyand integrity govern our activities.

Commitmentsmade will be fulfilled.

Allindividuals are treated with dignity and respect.

Theenvironment will be protected and sustained.

Required Language

EqualOpportunity Employer/Shareholder Preference

NMSis an equal employment opportunity employer. All qualified applicants willreceive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion,sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran protectedstatus or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.NANA grants employment preference to shareholders ofNANA and their spouses and descendants to the extent allowed by law.

Itis NMS policy to conduct background checks, drug testing and a physicalassessment, as applicable, once an offer has been accepted, in accordance withcompany and/or contract requirements.

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Job: Maintenance & Repair

Company: NANA Management Services

Primary Location: US-AK-Anchorage

Shift: Variable

Closing Date (Period for Applying) - External: Sep 30, 2018, 11:59:00 PM

Req ID: ALY00297